Q&A: Is a insistence upon observant ONLY “Merry Christmas” instead of “Happy Holidays” anti-Jewish?


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So let us usually take which there is no fight upon Christmas!

Just isn’t 1 reason for businesses to contend “content holidays” usually simply since we have a poignant Jewish population?

Does a ultimate insistence by fundamentalist evengelicals which we contingency usually contend “merry Christmas” meant they do not wish to admit Jews?

Answer by sway_26
To be guileless we dont diagnosis what people say, though the when people get annoyed as well as criticism or convene towards anything in specific staying stated, which is usually silly.

Clearly, then, observant “Pleased Holidays” isn’t anti-Christian either.

Query by Steve: Is a insistence upon observant ONLY “Merry Christmas” as a surrogate of “Happy Holidays” anti-Jewish?

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I’m comforted by all a folks who deliberate which observant “Merry Christmas” is not anti-Jewish.